Markets & Expos

2020 to 2023


Creative Crafters and Pretty Products

Markets are one way we creatives can share our passion for pretty things with our customers...

My job is to make your decorating & gift buying easier... 
Together, we can make beautiful things happen.

SARCDA Africa 11-13 March 2020

Mosaiek Expo 19 Nov - 5 Dec 2020

Mooirivier Kersmark 23 Nov - 5 Dec 2020

Mosaiek Expo 21 Oct - 6 Nov 2021

Crafters Fair 27 Oct - 6 Nov 2021

Tierlantynkies April 2022

KIES September 2022

SARCDA Christmas - August 2022

Homemakers Fair - March 2023

I have exhibited at markets and expos such as Tierlantynkies, Mosaiek expo, SARCDA Africa, Moreleta Crafters Fair, SARCDA Christmas, Mooirivier Kersmark, Crafters Market, Delmas Kersmark, Emperors Palace Christmas Fair, Platinum Mark, Homemakers Fair.

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