“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”— quoted from Brene Brown

You are buying a piece of heART...

About me...

As they say: “art is where work meets love”. 

Lighthearted is my work and my play... 

I source all the props and plants for my imagery locally, and I style, photograph, and design them onto high-quality materials to bring inspiration into your home. 

Working as a professional commercial photographer for over 16 years, and also a creative-decor business owner for more than half of these, my journey has brought me to my Lighthearted adventure. 

Here is where I share my passion and creativity with heart-made photographic decor products and gifts, inspired by South Africa’s fantastic awe-inspiring flora.

- Candice -

A Lighthearted Story...

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with proteas, succulents, and other little things in nature...
One day, when she realised that their beauty was fleeting and faded with time, she decided to use her magic powers to capture and preserve it.
With her magical eye she caught and collected the bits of beauty they contained.
She found that keeping this magic all to herself did not give her joy... her joy was in sharing this beauty with others.
The more she shared the beauty she captured, the more her joy was was shared and multiplied.
So she decided to live happily ever after, sharing her love of nature and its bits of beauty in a place she called “Lighthearted”. 

The moral of the story:
don’t forget to take the time to stop and “smell” the proteas and find your joy.

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Passion and hard work pays off:) 

Lighthearted SA was awarded a silver certificate for one of the best stands at SARCDA AFRICA 2020

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